Warriors pick a Boogie

It took less than 24 hours for the Golden State Warriors to upstage LeBron James once again. This time by shocking the NBA world with a free agent signing:

And the basketball world went nuts:

And the kicker from Stephen A. just because of course –

And on and on it goes. The Warriors now have a starting lineup of five All-Stars whah whah whah….


Apparently everyone has forgotten that Cousin had a devastating Achilles injury in January. He ain’t suiting up for the Warriors any time soon. And even if he does make it back mid or late in the season you are now talking about incorporating a big dude on a repaired Achilles into the Warriors system. Good luck with that Boogie.

Look the Lil’ Dogg is a Boogie fan. Always thought he’s had a raw deal in the NBA. He deserves a good situation. People are acting like Boogie turned down $200 mill to sign for $5. That contract was NOT out there for him post injury.

This is a 1 year PROVE IT deal. He has to show the NBA he’s worth a long term big money deal. And if he collects a ring that’s a bonus.

But claiming it’s GAME SET MATCH on the season is just plain dumb.

Besides I’d still rather have the Celtics starting five!


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