$999 Guns N Roses Box Set? Sure why not.

Appetite for Destruction turned 30 last year so in true Guns N Roses style they released an epic Deluxe Edition remaster of the classic album a year late.

And one version of the Box Set costs a whopping $999. Why not an even $1000 you ask? Well of course that would just be garish. $999 is totally reasonable though.

So what do you get for $999? Take a look:

Did you ever want die cast metal rings of the Appetite skulls? Well now you are in luck. As a bonus you get metal guitar picks too.

Now you know the Lil’ Dogg’s bona fides are never in question when it comes to Guns. This pup has already blessed the Internet with an absolutely unrivaled countdown of every recorded GnR track that’s worth anything. And I’ve given props to my favorite Guns member of All-Time, the coolest, most badass and also secretly most important member of the band – the one and only Izzy Stradlin’.

So while I’m tempted to lay out a cool grand on this package I’m gonna sadly have to pass. But I will breakdown some of the odds and ends included in the actual music part of this gargantuan box set.

New (Old) Track Alert

Much like Nirvana debuted a new song “You Know You’re Right” when record label blood suckers finally got a chance to raid Kurt’s vaults, the big news here is the track “Shadow of Your Love” that was record during the Appetite sessions but was not included on the album. Now Guns was a band that basically had a very fruitful but very short period of time actually writing songs. Almost everything on the Illusions records including mega-hits like November Rain were initially written in the bands early years. So the fact that “Shadow” never made it on to any record makes the song quite the curiosity. Have a listen:

The track is immediately recognizable as being in the vein of other Appetite rippers like “You’re Crazy” and “Out Ta Get Me”. It’s a straight forward blues rock romp like only Guns in 86 could do. If the tracks that made Appetite were all 10s ( and they are) then “Shadow” is an 8 and you can see why it was left off the final record. The real thrill hearing the song now is getting to experience peak Guns on a previously unheard song. Being reminded of just how much of a powerhouse Axl’s voice was back in the day never gets old and the guitar playing is of course excellent. All in all “Shadow” is a fun little gift 30 years after the party ended.

Other Notables

There’s a lot here and all of it offers something for casual fans and hardcore alike but the most notable aspects of the bonus material have to be the little things you get to peak in on after hearing the finished products for so long. The Sound City tracks are loaded with studio banter and off the cuff asides as the band worked through the songs. That set also gives you a stripped down raw version of the tracks without any synths and effects and such. The acoustic version of “You’re Crazy” proves if you weren’t somehow already convinced just how great of musicians these dudes were.

There’s two versions of “November Rain” from 1986 and they are both amazing. One is a Piano only and the other is acoustic and it just blows my mind that they had this epic in their pockets for years and years before they finally released it. It really sums up the magic these five dudes had in their hands during that time.

Still not dropping that $999 tho.

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