Absolute Brawl between Australia and Philippines in FIBA hoops game


What a shitshow that was!!!!!!

Australia is up by a billion and the Philippines start throwing haymakers.

Let’s break down the footage:

Thon Maker is The KickPuncher

Unfortunately Thon is probably going to come out of this looking the worst. Being the guy that kicks during a fistfight is NEVER a good look.

But being the guy that kicks and RUNS. Oooof. Not sure how you come back from that. Especially when you’re brawling with dudes a foot shorter than you.

Speaking of short dudes….

This whole melee seems get started with a little bro trying to punch up three stories above his head.

“Watch out for the chair mate”

This ending is pure WWF.

That chair comes out of nowhere and the Aussie dude is like, “Oi mate! Why you gotta throw a chair there mate. Have a go ya mug!!!”

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