NY Post Delivers Another Headline

First off, you have to love the NY Post. They know who they are, and they lean into it.

These guys are like click-bait jedis, and I am not afraid to admit…sometimes I take the cheese.

Typically the content doesn’t nearly match the promise of the headline, but I rather enjoyed this one.

A penis study focusing on the correlation between penis size and self-esteem was called off — because of the enormous response.

Alicia Walker, a sociology professor at Missouri State University, cut the project short after making headlines with the unorthodox request for photo submissions of male genetalia.

Seems like a worthwhile cause…i guess. Wonder why the study stopped?

She blamed the “public reaction” for the decision to terminate the research.

Far be it from me to question the scientific methods of an esteemed college professor…but this seems a little vague.

Walker told The Post earlier this week that she received a few hundred penis pictures since June 18. She said the photos were for verifying that participants correctly measured their genitalia and then would be deleted.

Those submissions were never viewed and have since been destroyed, according to the report.

Again, I am not one to call one’s integrity into question, but how does a picture verify correct measurements? And we are just supposed to believe she deleted the pics? Even if for scientific purposes, wouldn’t she have catolologued them? I know I am not a professional, like Prof. Walker here, but I am beginning to get skeptical.

Let me just review facts here:

Professor starts “study” with virtually indefinable criteria and objectives.

She requests, and receives, hundreds of dick pics for said study.

She hastily cancels study because of “public reaction”, then does not explain any of what the public reaction is.

Professor says the pics were never viewed.


Doesn’t take one of the world’s great thinkers to figure this one out. I think, The Professor is a little bit freaky, and came up with a scheme to fill her needs…and her inbox. I mean, she probably did have intentions of doing a worthwhile study…but I also think deep down, she knew it wasn’t going to happen.

But, I honestly can’t blame her. From Brett Favre to Anthony Weiner to a million dating horror stories…tons of dudes just can’t wait to send pics of themselves even when nobody wants them. Now someone is actually asking for it? All of a sudden Tony Pepperoni turns into Ansel Adams.

So, my final verdict is that Professor Alicia Walker is GUILTY…guilty of devising a near genius plan, banking on the perverted nature of dudes.

Also, the NY Post is guilty of delivering another tremendous headline.


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