NBA Free Agency Frenzy Day 1 – Windy is “stunned”

Free Agency began at 12:01 AM on July 1st for the NBA and the deals came in overnight fast and furious.

Here’s a list of who signed where last night:

The biggest non-LeBron question going into Free Agency centered on Paul George. In the end George resigned with OKC and apparently did not even meet with the Lakers. The PG to LA storyline has been a “foregone conclusion” for years according to everyone and when the moment finally arrived he signs a 4 year deal with OKC and left a ton of potential money on the table both from what he could have got staying in Indiana or what he could have signed for by taking a shorter deal with OKC.

Brian Windhorst is not happy with Paul George:

In Boston Celtics news Bangers is coming back. Aron Baynes signed a two year $11 million deal. Both the Lil’ Dogg and Bangers are extremely happy:

LeBron Watch

No news is good news for everyone I suppose cuz it means no decision has been made. The Paul George news along with Durant re-upping with GSW does rearrange things a bit and puts the kebosh on the LA Lakers “Superteam” nonsense. At this point LeBron signing a 1 year deal with Cleveland seems like the logical move but you never know.

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