LeBron to Lakers

It’s official:

The inevitable has happened. LeBron has left Cleveland. Again.

But the real headline is that for the first time in his career LeBron James will be playing in the Western Conference.

And the real shocker – 4 years. That’s a major commitment especially considering the recently released salary cap numbers that will increase fairly quickly over the next few years.

Home Sweet Home

It’s no secret that LA has been LeBron’s real home base for a few years and with his sons entering middle and high school over the next few years it’s no shock to see him want to settle permanently in Los Angeles.

But the Lakers???????

LeBron is no fool and he’s also an astute student of basketball history. He has to know that even if he somehow delivers a Championship or even two to LA he’d still be low man on the Lakers history totem pole.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years it’s LeBron does what LeBron wants and LeBron wants LA.

What does this mean for the Boston Celtics?

Plainly put – Everything.

The C’s have lost to LeBron’s Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals the last two years.

The path to the NBA Finals (from the East) now runs clearly through Boston. This also deals a fatal blow to Philadelphia’s dreams of putting together a “superteam”. And yes Embiid and Simmons alone do NOT make a “superteam”.

All in all as usual the NBA does not disappoint. Even during the off season.

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