Hi-Top 100 – Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 8 #65-61

The countdown continues with some real bad boys as we get closer to the halfway point.

65. Vice Versa

There’s two types of people in this world – those that love Vice Versa and those that prefer Like Father, Like Son. Now I’m not one to judge (get it) but if you’re not on TeamSavageandReinhold then I don’t want to know ya. What a run Judge had in the 80s – Fast Times, Beverly Hills Cop, Vice Versa ummm other stuff too.

64. At Close Range

Okay now we are getting into some heavy weight flicks here folks. If you’ve never seen At Close Range stop whatever internet shenanigans you’re on right now and go find this movie. Sean Penn and Christopher Walken go HEAD-to-HEAD, literally at times. Rumor has it this gun was actually loaded cuz “method acting” or some bullshit but whatever cuz this is HEATED:

This entire movie is at intensity level 10 and it’s a wild ride. In addition to Sean Penn and Walken, Chris Penn is heartbreaking and amazing cuz he always is. Just go watch it. Trust your buddy the Lil’ Dogg, MUST SEE.

63. Rumble Fish

Now this is a goddamn FILM. We’ve entered the brooding bad boy section of our countdown apparently. Francis Ford Coppola took SE Hinton’s most abstract troubled teen book and turned into a French New Wave Jean-Luc Godard-esque meditation on drug abuse and loneliness and lost mothers. We have PEAK Mickey Rourke, PEAK Matt Dillon, over the peak Dennis Hopper and Diane Lane looking like Helen of Troy. Chris Penn pops up again cuz he’s in every great 80s movie (or maybe the movies are great BECAUSE he’s in them?!?!?). Coppola directed the hell out of this flick:

The music by the Police’s Stewart Copeland and Stan Ridgeway sets the tone and the black & white color palette finishes the trick. A nearly note perfect movie.

62. Vision Quest

Is it possible the best sports movie of the 80s is about High School wrestling? Almost. The 80s is the best decade for a lot of things and sports movies is near the top of that list. Wrestling is one of those sports that is million times more interesting as a metaphor than an actual sport.

61. Lost Boys

Why have one brooding loner when you can have ten? And they’re vampires! Lost Boys has almost everything you could want in a great 80s flick – Two Coreys, a Sutherland, the most underrated 80s babe in Jaime Gertz, and maggots. You’re eating maggots Michael, how do they taste?

Too many classic scenes to list but the motorbike ride is a personal fave:

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