Mid-Season Recap: “You’re right, Mike!!!”

The Sox have reached the mid-way point of the season. The REAL mid-way point, not the fake media “mid-way point” aka the All Star Break. The Sox have played 81 games and are tied for the best record in baseball, and on pace for 108 wins.

What’s gotten them here?

Pitching has been great. The lineup is packed with guys having great seasons. Mookie Betts looks like he might be what we thought he could be…the second best player in baseball. But, for all of this, they wouldn’t be where they are now without…..


Julio Daniel “JD” “Just Dingers” “Jumbo Dong*” Martinez

*Carrabis. The dude just cranks out top notch nicknames, like JD cranks out oppo bombs


Just like I told you back in February, when I announced my full endorsement of the signing, you should be excited about this guy. And man, was I dead on.

My man is leading MLB in HR, RBI, Extra bases. He’s 5th in Batting Average, 7th in OBP and runs, 2nd in SLG, 3rd OPS…he’s having a MONSTER season.

He’s the first Red Sox player to have 25 HR’s before July since…well, since forever. NEVER BEEN DONE.

Saw this incredible stat today too, from our friends over at @bostonsportsinf (you should follow them if you don’t already)

JD Martinez HR.png


Now, this guy isn’t without flaws. He’s a horrendous outfielder. Ok, that’s really the only one. Well, he also didn’t keep Hanley from answering FaceTimes from known fentanyl dealers…but really, that’s it. End of list of flaws.

As I pointed out in Feb, we really shouldn’t be surprised. This guy has been among the best in the game for 4 years. Yet somehow he is often overlooked. Well, Boston fans, time to stop overlooking him.

Quit focusing on the whine-bags down in Foxboro- actually the biggest whine bag is in Brookline- and jump on the JD train for the rest of the summer.

Even if you didn’t like the signing initially, there’s plenty of room for you on the bandwagon now…RIGHT MAZZ?!?!

mazz tweet


Seriously…suck it, MAZZ. There’s only one thing I want to hear from you…I think you know what it is…

“You’re right, Mike!!!”




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