@darrenrovell just dropped his 40 Rules for Living and frankly it WILL change your life

Get your brain ready for an absolute knowledge drop by the Gawd Darren Rovell:

Obviously they can’t all be winners but there are some gems in here.

Hi-Top Top 5 Rovell Rules

5. If you have to pay interest on something you can’t afford it.

That’s just sound financial advice right there folks. Always pay off your credit card every month.

4. Become obsessed with one part of history, learn every detail.

Big fan of this one. The Lil’ Dogg’s specialty is obviously the 1980s.

3. Lease cars, don’t buy them.

Getting a new car every three years is one of life’s little pleasures. If you’re paying for repairs on a ten year old car you’re a sucker plan and simple.

2. There’s nothing better than eating things out of a container.

I don’t know if I’d say “nothing” but it is pretty fun to eat of a Pringles container.

1. Don’t take home French Fries.

Rovell knocks it out of the park with this one. Not one time in the history of civilization have reheated French Fries ever tasted good.

And the 5 Worst

5. Sing no matter how bad your voice is.

Terrible advice. Only like 3% of the worlds population should be allowed to sing. People who think they are good singers but really aren’t are the WORST.

4. Happiness starts with being satisfied with ones self.

First if you’re satisfied then you ain’t working hard enough to improve. That’s day one stuff Darren. Never been satisfied.

3. Back up your photos

No. There’s too many photos in the world and nobody looks at 99% of their photos anyways.

2. Find a life partner who makes you better every day.

Hell no. Find you someone who’s okay with your inevitable mediocrity. That’s how you know you have a keeper.

1. Be good at five impressions.

You lost me on this one Darren. Nobody likes impression comedians. They’re one step above prop comics. If you’re relying on impressions to impress someone you’ve already lost. Big swing and a miss here Rovell.

All in all this is a good effort by Darren but there really is no competing with the GOAT –

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