Hi-Top Golf – Get to Know “Fisherman” Hosung Choi

The Hi-Top – Get to Know series will be highlighting some lesser known PGA Tour players that we think the casual weekend duffer should be aware of. Let’s move beyond the Rorys and Tigers and get to know some real Golf lifers.

Who: Hosung Choi

Why: Did you see that swing? Choi is goddamn electric. He’s the most exciting thing to happen to a fairway since Happy Gilmore.

Fast Facts

Age: 44

Swing: Right

Country: South Korea

Career Tour Wins: 3 (Asia Tour)

The South Korean set Golf Twitter ablaze with his unorthodox swing and his unbridled enthusiasm over the weekend both things the American Tour is in desperate need of as its currently over run with cookie cutter carbon copy dudes with the same over coached swing and robot demeanor.

Why Hosung Choi is a Hi-Top Guy

It’s pretty simple really – Choi is absolutely magnetic.

Choi plays with passion and flair and that is the epitome of being a Hi-Top Guy. If you’re not having fun out their on the course then why the hell are you out there.

Sadly Choi came in 5th at the Asian Open and thus did not qualify for the British Open. No doubt he’ll keep on swinging though.

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