Hi-Top 100 – Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 6 #75-71

We are in the thick of it here folks. You may think 75 movies to go is a lot but there have been some hard cuts made already. This list is ruthless. As we reach the Top 75 we will start to dig a little deeper into what makes these movies worthy of inclusion on our esteemed Ultimate 80s Countdown.

75. Less Than Zero

A Robert Downey Jr tour de force for sure but Less Than Zero, hated upon release, really is more than the sum of its parts. Conceived as a take down of the decadent 80s, viewed 30 years later it looks a lot like this decades Karadashian-Instagram narcissism. Funny how that works huh. While RDJ gets most of the props for his performances as drugged out Julian, it’s secretly James Spader as the dealer Rip who really steals the movie (as Spader tended to do throughout the 80s).

74. Teen Wolf

Overly hyped by a certain Los Angeles Sport guy who pretends he’s from Boston, Teen Wolf gets unfairly derided as an 80s joke. But if you ignore the goofy premise (and laugh out loud attempts at basketball playing) Teen Wolf is actually a quite funny and eminently quotable high school flick.”Give me a keg of beer.”

Also Coach Finstock:

73. La Bamba

Ritchie Valens was little more than a footnote to Buddy Holly before Lou Diamond Philips and La Bamba resurrected his memory and placed him in his proper context as a true trailblazer in Pop Music History. The tunes rock, the story is epic and in the end Bob steals the movie:

72. Summer School

Hey Hollywood, I’m still waiting for the Chainsaw and Dave spin off movie:

So many classic scenes in this one:

71. Just One of the Guys

Just One of the Guys might just be the ultimate “could only be made in the 80s” movie on this Ultimate 80s list. Nerds versus jocks, outdated gender misconceptions, really inappropriate teachers, conveniently missing parents, a plot that is supposed to take place over two weeks that involves a year’s worth of action – seriously though, she switches schools, humiliates the bully, makes a new friend that she falls for, goes to prom and still loses the writing contest all in 14 days? Not to mention the greatest out of nowhere Boobs scene in cinema history. And then there’s Buddy:

Insta Mini Top 5 – Best 80s Movie Sidekicks

5. Stiles – Teen Wolf

4. Short Round – Temple of Doom

3. Farmer Ted – Sixteen Candles

2. Ducky – Pretty in Pink

1. Buddy – Just One of the Guys

Oh Buddy.

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