90’s Spin-offs that Should Have Happened

There is news that ABC is going forward with a Roseanne spin-off-  well, it actually seems like the same exact show, minus one character.  Now, I don’t think they should’ve brought back the show 20 years later in the first place, let alone have a spin-off. But there are several spin-off’s of 90’s shows that I wish we got at the time.

Here are my

Top 90’s sitcom Spin-offs that didn’t happen…but should have



Home Improvement: The go-to answer would be an Al spin-off, but we learned enough about him during Home Improvement. What we really needed was a show about Wilson. And, not just another 30-min live studio job. They had a chance to make something that would’ve been groundbreaking at the time…a dark comedy, starting with Wilson’s seedy backstory, and how his life of questionable decisions and fungible morals led him to live in this suburban neighborhood…be-friending the family next door, but never revealing to them his true self.




Boy Meets World: Another example of the “strange” next door neighbor. Truth be told, I didn’t really watch the show too much, but I need to know more about this Feeney character. First episode: Why does he keep getting jobs where these particular kids go to school? Also, him on the dating scene…gold.



Family Matters: I need a show- at least a mini-series-  about Judy Winslow, the family’s youngest daughter, who inexplicably disappeared in the middle of the show’s run. Did she go t90's winslowo boarding school…like a younger version of A Different World? Or maybe, she ran away due to the family paying more attention to their neighbor than her, and had to make it on her own on the scary streets of Chicago- running into zany characters along the way, solving problems and thwarting villainous plots.






Friends: I believe they were only on one episode of the show, but I recall seeing George Clooney and Noah Wylie play doctors on Friends. I remember, even at the time, thinking that these guys would make very compelling characters in a dramatic series….maybe one actually set in a hospital. Sure, they’d be doctors, but the show would be more about them as people, their relationships with each other, and how they cope with the trauma and pressures of working in the medical field. It’s too bad…because I think this would’ve been a hit!


90's ER




The Wonder Years: Fans of the Wonder Years deserved a glimpse into the domestic bliss that was Karen Arnold and David Schwimmer’s existence as a newly formed family uprooted by his job on the Alaskan Pipeline. One would imagine that, as hippies, they both have conflicted feelings about his chosen field. And hippies living in Alaska??? C’mon, the plotlines write themselves.


90's wonder



Seinfeld: This one, reportedly, actually almost happened. A Jackie Chiles spin-off. As every lawyer show ever has proven, there is no better vehicle for introducing random plotlines and guest stars. And I can picture the character of his secretary now…a sassy, eye-rolling, middle aged woman, who isn’t going to take his shit for one second…and is constantly bailing him out of near disasters.


90's jackie




I’m sure there are a million more great ones, but these are the best I came up with, after whittling down my list. Let’s hear your suggestions

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