Hi-Top 100 – Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 5 #80-76

80. That Was Then, This is Now

A momentous moment for our countdown as we welcome the first SE Hinton based movie to our ranks. Don’t worry there will be several more to come. Emilio Estevez really shines as bad boy orphan car thief Mark. The darkest of Hinton’s books, That Was Then tackles drugs and downward spirals. The movie adds an 80s sheen but retains the gritty core.

79. Adventures in Babysitting

Did Adventures in Babysitting predict the inevitable rise of Marvel movies? Maybe cuz I certainly never heard of Thor before AiB. Elizabeth Shue steals hearts as the worst babysitter of all-time but no worries it’s all in good fun even the casual 80s racism of having an entire plot center around suburban white kids being scared of black people. Good times.

78. Robocop

“I’ll buy that for a dollar!”

77. Better Off Dead

This movie is out there. Like way out there. Cartoon sequences, suicide attempts, psycho paperboys, and of course the K-12. John Cusack had a real moment in the mid 80s as the alt-teen idol, the thinking nerd’s hunk.

76. Karate Kid II

Starting Part 2 immediately after the ending of Part 1 blew the minds of ten year olds across America. And what an opening scene it was. The rest of the movie doesn’t quite keep up that level of intensity but the final fight does get close with a little assist by the one and only Peter Cetera.

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