NBA Draft Winners & Losers

What a wild ride last nights NBA Draft was folks. Let’s get right to it and break down the Winners & Losers.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

1. The Lil’ Dogg (also the Boston Celtics & Robert Williams)

This pup has been salivating for months over the prospect of Robert Williams in Green, bombing up and down the court rocking rims and smashing weak layups into the rafters.


He can pass too (Video via Weird Celtics Twitter Head Honcho The Riffs Man):

To get this caliber of player at #27 without having to give up any assets at all is THE STEAL OF THE DRAFT.

As Benny Gloves so eloquently put it:

2. Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban got his guy and Luka Doncic ends up in the best possible situation out of the Top 5 pick franchises that he could have possibly wanted. Doncic gets the greatest Euro player ever as a mentor. Dallas gets their heir apparent. A win-win for everyone involved and they really didn’t have to give up too much to get it done. Pairing Doncic with Dennis Smith Jr. is an intriguingly dynamic combo. Should be a fun team to watch.


1. Atlanta Hawks

My thoughts on Trae Young are widely known and can be summed up thusly – 🚮

Young’s Draft night outfit cemented that opinion:

Dude c’mon. You’re knocking off a LeBron look and it’s an absolutely terrible look to boot. The dude just doesn’t get it.

2. NY Knicks

The Knickerbockers had the reach of the night grabbing Kevin Knox waaaaaay too soon. This will be the one that jumps out in 5 years as the “What were they thinking” pick.

Winner and also Loser??????

1. Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers drafted about a half dozen guys. They traded a hometown hero who’s MOM WORKS FOR THEIR TEAM!!!!

Everyone thought Philly would be clearing cap space to make a run at LeBron. Now they have to sign two first round picks. They also drafted 4 guys in Round Two but it looks like after a lot of wheeling and dealing they are ending up with only Shake Milton in a deal with Dallas.

I suppose this is what happens when your Team President is in a burner account Twitter scandal weeks before the Draft.

Lil’ Dogg’s Rookie Prediction

ROY – Deandre Ayton

Is Ayton the best player in this draft right now? No. Will he end up being the best player from this draft? Also no. But he will win the ROY award cuz he will put up numbers on a terrible team.


Luka Doncic will be an absolute stud and combine with Dennis Smith Jr to completely turn around the Mavericks and he wins ROY.

Hey it’s my blog I can hedge my bets if I want too.

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