Today, I stand with the Yahoos!!!

On the way home last night I heard some of the local radio windbags chirping about an article in the Globe. The general theme was “Is it still fun to be a Patriots fan?”.

My immediate, inborn, Boston-sports-fan yahoo reaction would be to yell (literally) at the radio “WHO IS THIS LOSAH?! PROBLY SOME CAHPET BAGGAH WHO WANTS EVERYONE TO GET A TROPHY. OR HE’S JUST SOME SHAUGHNESSY WANNABE! HE HATES US COZ HE AIN’T US!!!!”.

Believe me, no matter how hard I try…that is still in me.

But, I’ve spent the last 10-plus years railing against yahoo-ism on all levels- I honestly think it may have started when there were Sox fans who wouldn’t trade Trot Nixon for Sammy Sosa. Idiots.

That carried over nicely when we started this blog, I decided “Le Cap”  was going to be the voice of the Anti-yahoo…weighing ration and logic…trying to balance honest objective takes, with just the right air of superiority. And I’ll tell you, sometimes it’s hard. It’s come at great personal sacrifice, but I’m way too far in now. It’s my brand. It’s cost me friendships and loved ones…well not really, but I do take a fair amount of ribbing.

So, in being true to my brand, I decided to come home and read the article before reacting- truthfully, expecting to side with the guy.

I tell you, he makes some compelling arguments. Here are some big themes I picked out for you:

It’s championships or it’s an utter failure. At first glance, hell yeah! But honestly. Do you know how effed up that is? This team was within one careless Brady fumble (oops, there I go again), of winning one of the craziest Super Bowls in history, and what happened around here? God damn Armageddon. On the other extreme, if the Bengals did that, there’d already be a statue (and a 25 year contract extension) for Marvin Lewis.

Winning isn’t enough. If the team wins, but wins ugly, or struggles for part of a game, it’s dissected by everyone, and becomes a referendum on the team’s entire season. Meanwhile…winning on “any given Sunday” is hard…let alone at a near .700 clip for the better part of 20 years. This is, inarguably, completely insane of Pats fans.

There is no excitement, or intrigue about the team’s offseasons. They hardly ever make a big move…they trade down, they accumulate mid-round picks, they sign special teamers and cast-off guys. While it sucks to bottom out, the rebuild and the climb out of the basement is one of the most exciting things in sports. Just look at how exciting it was for a brief minute when people thought they were drafting a future Brady replacement this year…imagine that when your present AND future completely rely on the pick.


The article absolutely got me contemplating things. Nearing the end of the piece, I was starting to think: “This dude is right. Not only is it not fun being a Pats’ fan…it’s downright excruciating and exhausting.”

And now that I’ve thought about some more….the entire premise is extremely logical. The arguments made are rational and sound (albeit a little lazily written- which I why I won’t share the article (you can find it if you really want)).

My whole “thing” is being anti-yahoo…basing things on logic and ration.


But today, my friends, I stand with the yahoos!!!


Of course being a fan of this team is different…but that’s what makes it great. Winning on such a high level, and fighting off those who resent you for it…that is the BEST PART OF SPORTS!!!

I don’t think Goodell or the league is out to get the Patriots…or the announcers hate them…or any of that bullshit. And don’t try to tell me the Pats don’t get calls….they get ALL the calls.

I remain steadfastly anti-yahoo.

But there is one thing I hold higher than that, and those closest to me (and who argue most with me), know what that is:


And there has never been anyone more dominant than the 2001- ???? New England Patriots.



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