Draft Day – Boston Celtics

The Lil’ Dogg loves loves LOVES the NBA Draft. This pup has been a loyal viewer since the Lil’ Dogg was an actual 5 foot basketball lovin’ lil pup hoop nerd staying up way past bed time to see who’d take my beloved  Walt Williams  or Baby Jordan. And my heart ached and my soul was crushed when the Second Round passed in 95 and my one true love Al Dillard was not given a chance to rain threes down on the NBA (and for what it’s worth Dillard would kill in today’s NBA).

We talked about how the lottery would go if everyone stays pat and we’ve discussed the players you absolutely don’t want.

But now it is all about the Boston Celtics.

Boston has the 27th pick in the First Round. But more importantly they hold a large number of tradeable assets in future drafts as well as roster full of desirable players. The possibilities are endless and with GM Danny Ainge pulling the trigger anything is possible.

The Case for Doing Nothing

The Celtics just got to Game 7 of the ECF with a walking wounded roster missing their top two marquee players. Let’s run it back and see what Gordo and Kyrie and Al can do together. Let’s keep as many bench guys as possible (🗣MARCUS SMAR!) As Houston (not Cleveland) proved, Golden State is far from invincible and only getting older and more complacent. Next season is WIDE OPEN IMHO. Let’s give these guys a real shot.

The Case for Doing Something

You can always improve, always get better. Two people who thoroughly believe in this philosophy are Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge. They won’t hesitate to make any move that they feel will raise the level of the team and give them a better shot at a title.

What Can Be Done

Future draft picks are always the easiest asset to move. Teams with long term plans value them highly. Win now teams lose no sleep dumping them. The Celtics are a team that does both – they win now but plan immensely for the future. Next year’s Kings pick is almost guaranteed to be a Top 5 pick based on the fact that the Kings organization are perpetually a mess. That pick is the Celtics biggest bargaining chip but alone it is not enough for a big move up the draft board. A player would need to be included and the two names that get thrown around the most are Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier. Of the two Rozier’s stock is at an all-time high. He’s a back up on the Celtics who has proven he can start in the NBA. As much as I would love to keep Rozier as both insurance and as a way to keep Kyrie’s minutes load down, Rozier is the best tradeable player asset the Celtics have. IF (and it’s always a big if) Boston could move in to Top 5 or 3 it would have to be for a player they absolutely love. A veteran back-up Point Guard could be found to replace Rozier. While I don’t love this move, I could be okay with it if it results in drafting the right guy (***Luka***).

Players Who the Lil’ Dogg would love to see in Green (besides Luka Doncic cuz duhhh)

Robert Williams

Williams may not be the best player in this year’s draft but he is my favorite and that counts for something. Last year the Lil’ Dogg Fav was Jordan Bell and things worked out pretty pretty pretty good for him and the Warriors. It would take getting to the periphery of the Top 10 to nab Williams but it could be done.

Lonnie Walker

Big Shot Lonnie. Lonnie is the Lil’ Dogg Pick for “Guy Who in 3 Years Everyone Says How Did He Get Passed Over”. Lonnie has SuperStar written all over him. He’s this drafts D-Wade or Donovan Mitchell. The dude just straight balls. Love love love Lonnie.

Donte DiVincenzo

Breaking news: DiVincenzo is white. And supposedly Boston loves white guys. Let’s get that joke out of the way. And to be honest I legit didn’t even know Donte was a white dude until it became the story about him. And hey Grayson Allen is white too and I want NO part of him. The bottom line is Donte can play. He gets up for the big moment and he delivers and that’s the kind of guy you want, black,white or other.

The 2018 Draft might just get crazy. The field is super deep, tons of guys that some people love and some people hate which should equal lots of movement up and down the board. If the Lottery ends up staying chalk I’d be shocked.

So crack open a cold one and tip it back every time Jay Bilas mentions wingspan (you’ll be two sheets to the wind as soon as Mo Bamba hits the stage) and enjoy the ride cuz its gonna get bumpy folks.

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