Would your wife’s boyfriend sell his prosthetic leg to pay for your College World Series tickets? Cuz this dude’s wife did

Hold on to your hats folks cuz these 15 seconds are a WILD ride:

Lets unpack this shall we:

1. My dude starts off by talking about “Personal Sacrifices” to get to the COLLEGE WORLD SERIES!!! In Omaha!!!! I don’t have time to fully research this but I’m going to take a wild guess and say plane tickets to Omaha, Nebraska aren’t that expensive. Like we ain’t talking Honolulu here folks. Omaha is literally in the middle of the country and if this guy is flying from Mississippi that has to be like a 2 hour flight tops.

2. But what is this great personal sacrifice??????


That would be the greatest sentence in human history if this dude hadn’t followed up with the absolute kicker of all kickers –

“They get alone time and I get a chance to be in Omaha.”

This man just plain gets it. He’s sick of being the third wheel to his wife and her boyfriend. All he wants is to watch his beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs in peace. And if that means the boyfriend needs to sell his prosthetic leg on Craigslist to make that happen well that’s just the incredible personal sacrifice that needs to be made.

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