Who NOT to Draft – The top players who are guaranteed to be NBA busts

There’s been a lot of talk, projection, dissection, debate, and research into who should be drafted Thursday night in the NBA draft. Well here at Hi-Top we always go one step beyond. We may be #RegularGuys but we are not your regular old sports blog. So instead of telling you which players should be drafted where, we are going to tell you which players should be avoided at all costs.

These dudes are GUARANTEED BUSTS!!!!!!!

1. Trae Young

🗣Trae Young is not good!!!!!

Trae Young is rail thin and will never add any significant bulk to his frame. Just look at him. He will get abused in the NBA.

Everyone wants to say Young is the new Steph Curry. NO NO NO NO NO NO. AND ALSO NO!

Steph Curry is thin but Steph Curry has intangibles that Trae Young will never have. Trae Young was a volume shooter who needed to jack up shot after shot to put up numbers. Curry has always been an efficient killer. Curry is crafty. Young is not.

Trae Young is tiny. Curry is maybe 6’3″ and can at least get in the way on defense. Young will be a complete an utter liability on defense. There is not one single player in the entire NBA that Young can guard.


2. Michael Porter Jr.

Unfortunately there is no actual footage of Michael Porter Jr playing basketball because he is permanently injured.


If there is one injury you do not want your basketball player to have it’s a bad back.

Name one player with back concerns that has ever recovered fully from them? No need to wait cuz you can’t. There is not one.

🗣Michael Porter Jr will play less that 100 NBA games in his career.

3. Deandre Ayton


Deandre Ayton could care less about basketball. It’s his meal ticket and he is cashing in as much as possible and that’s his only concern.

Now listen the Lil’ Dogg respects this. Go get yours man. Get paid. Make as much money as fast as you can.

But you do not want this guy on your basketball team if you are looking for a franchise changing player. Ayton will play for many many years and sign many many contracts and make a boat load of money but he will never ever be a truly great player.

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