Hi-Top 100 – Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 4 #85-81

Remember when Hollywood made movies that were NOT based on Superheroes? The 1980s were a time of *gasp* original ideas! Sure not every one was a winner but plenty were and they introduced iconic characters and stories to American Pop Culture.

85. Explorers

Explorers or as I like to call it Space Nerd Goonies had all the makings of a blockbuster – great kid actors, a hot director coming off a hit and a booming genre with child adventure movies. But despite all that Explorers was a major flop. Fortunately it found a second life on VHS and became a beloved cult classic. Still not as good as Goonies though.

84. The Best of Times

The first sports movie to make our list, The Best of Times is a forgotten gem with two great lead performances by Robin Williams and Kurt Russell. Williams is obsessed with a missed touchdown catch he dropped in the big High School football game. Russell is the former star QB Reno Hightower (all-time classic name right there folks). Williams convinces both teams to replay the game for one last shot at glory. Will he make the catch this time around?

83. Innerspace

There where a lot of people getting shrunk in the 1980s huh. Innerspace is the pitch perfect Martin Short vehicle. Short may be the most underrated physical comedian of all-time. From facial contortions to prat falls Short has every trick in his arsenal and deploys them all in Innerspace.

82. Turner & Hooch

The dog/cop combo was another 80s go-to favorite and it’s pretty clear Tom Hanks won that battle. This is Hanks right before Mega-Stardom when he was still harnessing all of his super charm abilities but let’s be honest here folks, Hooch is the real star of this movie.

81. Permanent Record

The 80s weren’t all fun and games. Sometimes things got heavy and Keanu Reeves just had to deal with it, man.

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