Hi-Top NBA Mock Draft Lottery 1.0

Everyone and their mother has a Mock Draft but Hi-Top has been the scene since Jump Street. We introduced you to Luka Doncic and gave you the Red Flags on Deandre Ayton months ago so its only fitting that you get the draft skinny from the guys who know what their talking about. Now because the Lil’ Dogg likes to go the extra mile this pup is going to give you both what the teams WILL do but also what they SHOULD do (but probably won’t). And for the sake of my own sanity let’s pretend there won’t be any trades even though there will probably be like half a dozen.

What the teams will do

  1. Phoenix Suns – Deandre Ayton
  2. Sacramento Kings – Mo Bamba
  3. Atlanta Hawks – Marvin Bagley
  4. Memphis Grizzlies – Jaren Jackson
  5. Dallas Mavericks – Luka Doncic
  6. Orlando Magic – Trae Young
  7. Chicago Bulls – Michael Porter
  8. Cleveland Cavs – Collin Sexton
  9. NY Knicks – Shai Gilgeous Alexander
  10. Philadelphia 76ers – Mikal Bridges
  11. Charlotte Hornets – Wendell Carter Jr
  12. LA Clippers – Miles Bridges
  13. LA Clippers – Kevin Knox
  14. Denver Nuggets – Bruce Brown


Ayton to the Suns seems to be the lock unless they are playing the ultimate long con and are going to take Doncic. They just hired a guy who has coached Doncic. Ayton has some glaring Red Flags! that just don’t cut it in today’s NBA, namely he plain stinks on D. The other X factor is the cosmic fate of giving the Kings, who NEVER get the draft right, the CURSED second pick. The potential of Mo Bamba has everyone drooling and the Kings are just the type of organization to get suckered into panicking and taking Bamba.

And you know what? THEY SHOULD TAKE BAMBA. Sacramento literally has nothing to lose. Roll dice and take a shot on a guy who could be absolutely transcendent. Dream of his 7-10 wingspan dropping threes and dragging your sorry franchise out of a 20 year funk. DO IT!!!!!

What the teams should do

  1. Phoenix Suns – Luka Donic
  2. Sacramento Kings – Mo Bamba
  3. Atlanta Hawks –  Jaren Jackson
  4. Memphis Grizzlies – Marvin Bagley
  5. Dallas Mavericks – Deandre Ayton
  6. Orlando Magic – Lonnie Walker
  7. Chicago Bulls – Miles Bridges
  8. Cleveland Cavs – Collin Sexton
  9. NY Knicks – Wendell Carter Jr
  10. Philadelphia 76ers – Mikal Bridges
  11. Charlotte Hornets – Bruce Brown
  12. LA Clippers – Michael Porter
  13. LA Clippers – Kevin Knox
  14. Denver Nuggets – Robert Williams


You hired the first foreign head coach in NBA history. Now go all in and take Doncic. We already talked Bamba. Now lets talk Ayton – “That’s that shit I don’t like!” Facts is facts and the fact is Ayton has bust written all over him. He just does. On the flip side, Lonnie Walker has star written all over him. He’s this draft’s Dwayne Wade. Not sure he moves all the way up into the Top 10 but he should and whoever takes him will look like geniuses in three years. On the inverse GMs should be running from Michael Porter like he has the plague cuz with that bad back he basically does. “Bad Back” are the two words you DO NOT WANT TO HEAR. Stay away, stay far away. If any team rolls the dice on Porter it should be the Clips if they aren’t going to deal one of their two picks.

Boston Celtics

Hi-Top is a Boston blog so even though this Mock Draft deals only with the lottery we still need to talk C’s. Boston has pick #27 and about 10,000 assets over the next few years and with Ainge in control literally anything and everything is on the table. Personally the Lil’ Dogg would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the Celtics stay put at 27 and not make any deals at least for one year. We got robbed of seeing what this group is capable of with everyone healthy. You have every key guy locked up save for Marcus Smart. Sign him and run these guys out and see how far a healthy roster can go. As for the draft there is plenty of depth to get a solid guy at 27. If Donte DiVencenzo is still there you grab him. And there is always the stash-and-dash approach of grabbing a foreign guy and keeping his rights while he plays oversees.

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