Machado coming to Boston???

One of the best parts of the MLB year is TRADE DEADLINE TIME. It’s not until July 31, but the talk is already heating up for us in Boston.

Did you people see this, from Ken Rosenthal last week?

rosenthal- machado


At first glance….this trade seems ridiculous. You get a certifiable STUD, plus a legit RP…AND maybe a prospect?!?!

...I think I may have found a way for us to get Bonds and Griffey...


I mean, really it seems ridiculous.

But here’s something more ridiculous…I’m a HARD no on this one.

Baseball is all about the kids these days. Prospects have always been fun, like sea monkeys. Take em home and watch em grow. But now, it’s not just exciting, it’s also proven to be the best way to win. Build with young controllable talent- especially offensive- and fill in gaps with trades and Free Agents.

Devers is one of the youngest players in MLB, and don’t pay attention to his batting average. He is a potential STAR. He’s a slam dunk 30 HR guy, and has flashed great hitting ability. And you have him for 5 more years.

You don’t give that up for 3 months of anyone, even Machado (one of my 5-7 favorite players in the league, btw), even if he comes with the ghost of Zach Britton.

Dombo has taken a blowtorch to the farm, so you’re not going to have a flow of guys coming up behind the current team. Don’t give up the youngest of the guys you do have.



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