Hi-Top 100 – Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 3 #90-86

What makes a truly great 🍿 flick? Well you need to start with winning performances. No matter how amazing the plot of a movie is, if the actors aren’t bringing it fully tilt then who cares right. And conversely you can have a garbage, makes no sense whatsoever story but if the actors are dazzling then you’ll watch it twenty times. The 80s were all about Movie Stars. No other decade had the raw star power of the Me Decade.

90. Look Who’s Talking

Look Who’s Talking is an absolutely absurd premise for a movie. But who cares cuz John Travolta (who’d been DOA for a whiiiiile), peak Kristie Alley and Bruce Willis (who was on a DiMaggio level streak in the late 80s) DELIVER. It’s on record that 10 year olds in 1989 declared Look Who’s Talking the funniest movie ever made. The Q rating of this movie in elementary schools across America was through the roof and 100% of the credit has to go to Willis. Even 30 years later Bruce Willis voicing a baby is still 😂.

89. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

You had Le Cap at Jonathan Silverman (Cap is HUUUUGE Silverman guy). In truth this is a young Sarah Jessica Parker-Shannon Doherty vehicle but as Le Cap will gladly tell you Silverman steals anything he is in (Cap is still in denial that The Single Guy got cancelled and is eagerly anticipating its enviable Netflix revival – he may even be secretly leading the Twitter campaign to bring the show back but you didn’t hear that from me). Nonetheless GJWTHF is a delightful romp full of 80s dancing and really what more do want then Catholic school girls sneaking off to dance on TV.

88. Cobra

“I’m like Sly Stallone in Cobra” – Nas

Getting name checked in an Illmatic track is high praise indeed (tho for the record Lil’ Dogg maintains Nas is trash). There is A LOT of ridiculous things happening in Cobra but #1 has to be that Stallone’s cop is named Marion Cobretti and that’s how they get the nickname “Cobra”. That is one hell of a work around. The rest of the absurdities would include in no particular order – Sly NEVER takes off his sunglasses, he wears biker boots but drives a jet black 50s muscle car with the license plate “AWSOM 50”, he wears black leather gloves, Brigette Neilsen, the plot revolves around…well actually just forget the plot and revel in watching Sly at his utmost 80s SLY.

87. Friday the 13th Part 3

Fun fact – Jason doesn’t actually start wearing his iconic Hockey Mask until the third movie in the Friday the 13th series. Part 3 is the one that has all the things you actually think about when you remember a Jason flick so it’s pretty much the quintessential movie in the whole never ending series.

86. No Holds Barred

The Zeus-Randy match still has me shook. Shoot-out to everyone who legit thought Zeus was going to take over the WWF in real life.

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