Phil Mickelson has had enough of Shinnecock’s Bullsh!+

Phil has had it:

You know a course has broken the players when dudes are smacking still moving putts.

This is some serious breach of golf etiquette right here. I’m sure some couch USGA rule nuts are going bonkers that Mickelson was immediately DQ’d then flogged 50 times in the basement of the Club House while being forced to repeat “I will not break golf’s rules” over and over for the next two weeks.

Look the Lil’ Dogg loves the tradition in golf, the inherent honesty that is expected but sometimes a guy has had enough. The USGA should be lucky Phil didn’t whack that putt straight into the fescue.

For the record Mickelson did receive a two stoke penalty and took a 10 for the hole.

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