Hi-Top 100 – Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 2 #95-91

Hi-Top HQ is kicking off the summer by ranking the 100 greatest movies of the greatest decade – the 1980s. But what makes a motion picture truly worthy of inclusion on such an esteemed list such as ours? As you know, Hi-Top are just a bunch of #RegularGuys so rest assured you will find no froufrou snotty “films” cracking our 100. Only the finest quality popcorn flicks measure up to our exacting standards. We want action and comedy and sure a little romance too cuz we’re sensitive guys not afraid of a few feelings here and there but you can keep your metaphors and your allegories, just give us Arnold vs an alien assassin in the Central American jungle.

95. Smokey and the Bandit II

The Bandit is back. Two words – Sally Field. Hubba hubba. If you’ve never experienced peak Burt Reynolds you’re in for treat. There’s a reason he was the coolest guy in America in 1980.

94. Cannonball Run

Just look at that list of names flashing across the screen. If you were anyone who is anyone you were in the Cannonball Run. Fast cars plus Burt Reynolds was a winning formula in the early 80s and the Run milked that for everything it was worth by adding hot chicks and every comedy legend still breathing. They don’t make movies like this anymore folks.

93. Uncle Buck

Peak John Candy here but the truth if we’re being honest (and Hi-Top always is) Young Mac the God steals the show in Uncle Buck. This wasn’t Macaulay Culkin’s first rodeo but it was the breakout performance that preceded 1990s World Domination. Watching Mac in Uncle Buck is like watching a young Jordan drop 60 on Larry Bird’s Celtics. He’s just beginning to tap into the vast wells of talent at his disposal.

92. Tuff Turf

Tuff Turf starts out like a harder edged John Hughes flick. Then things get nuts. James Spader is the anti-Hero of course. People actually die. There ain’t no Ferris Bueller at this high school folks.

91. Little Shop of Horrors

A Murder’s Row of a cast powers this musical-horror-comedy. The sad thing is if this movie was ever made today (which it never would be) Audrey II would be a CGI monstrosity. The puppet work is what makes Horrors so special. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

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