Hi-Top 100 – The Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 1 #100-96

Summer is the time for movies and the greatest decade for movies was of course the 1980s therefore it stands to reason that Hi-Top is the ONLY outlet with enough expertise to properly rank the 100 GREATEST MOVIES OF THE 1980s!

The Hi-Top 100 was determined by our expert panel of judges who for the past six months have been watching every single movie released between January 1, 1980 and December 31, 1989. No (Romancing the) stone was left unturned as we sought out every film from the biggest box office smash to the tiniest independent release. Along the way we compiled several mini lists in addition to the overarching Top 100 such as EVERY 1980s EMILIO ESTEVEZ MOVIE RANKED IN ORDER FROM WORST TO BEST and THE HI-TOP TOP 10 ACTION MOVIE VILLAINS.

So without further ado:

100. Three for the Road

A lost classic? More like just lost when it was released into theaters in 1984 but as memory serves it could be found on USA most Saturday mornings from 1986-1988. Three for the Road stars a bunch of second level Brat Packers but what really makes it interesting is that all three leads are playing waaaaay against type, basically the complete opposite of their most cherished roles. Notorious Bad Boy Charlie Sheen is a young yuppie wannabe politician trying to make it in D.C. by agreeing to drive a Senator’s daughter to rehab. Amazingly Sheen is the one that starts the movie by refusing to party so he can get work done. The real party animal is his best bud played by Alan Ruck. Yes the ultimate weenie Cameron Frye is the party monster while Sheen is the clean cut goodie two shoes. A pre-Goonies Kerri Green rounds out the trio as the Bad Girl. Andy from Goonies as the wild child! These casting reversals make Three for the Road a curious watch indeed.

99. The Wraith

Back to back unheralded Charlie Sheen gems! That’s the Hi-Top difference right there. Another USA-TBS staple, The Wraith is…weird. The plot is shall we say loose, but basically Sheen is the ghost of a dead drag racer, but he’s also the new kid in town Jake, who falls for the dead racer’s girl. Neither the girl nor The Wraith’s brother realize Jake is actually the dead kid Jamie. Both The Wraith and his suped-up car can disappear at will…yeah…so basically the star of the movie is the Car cuz it’s dope:

98.  Harry and the Henderson

What if Big Foot came to live with your typical middle class suburban family? Hijinks would ensue of course.

97. The Rescue

Would you trust Kevin Dillon and Skippy from Family Ties to run a covert military rescue mission into North Korea? You betcha. When the actual military doesn’t step up to save some POWs the kids take matters into their own hands to save their fathers.

96. Over the Top

Do you like Sports Movies? Is Arm Wrestling a Sport? Is there really such a thing as The World Arm Wrestling Championships? Who cares when Sly Stallone is playing a character named Lincoln Hawk. Over the Top has it all. A heart warming Father-Son story, sports movie tension, a little action/a little drama and when that Trucker Hat gets turned around – watch out cuz things are about to get real. Just don’t lock that wrist.


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