Hi-Top World Cup Preview

The eyes of the Footy World fall upon Russia as the World Cup starts on June 14.

Have no fear Hi-Top Nation for your trusty leaders are here to guide through the next month of Soccer action.

Now a lot of you Americans, with our very own Le Cap leading the charge, might be quick (too quick) to dismiss the World Cup as non-essential especially with our own USA squad watching from home. But a World Class Sporting Event is a World Class Sporting Event and like the Olympics, the World Cup only takes place every four years so the emotions and drama take on extra significance.

13 Reasons Why (You Should Watch)

1. In all likelihood this will be the last World Cup for the Bird & Magic of the Soccer – Messi and Ronaldo. Both are over 30 and on the back side of their careers but also still capable of producing transcendent moments on the pitch. If they play in another WC it won’t be at a level anywhere near their peak so catch a glimpse of two of the best to ever play while you still can.

2. The field is (relatively) wide open. Germany is the prohibitive favorite for sure but there are still plenty of other teams that could challenge the defending champs.

3. Iceland. The Vikings do this thing that you may have seen some American Pro teams co-opt:

Basically the entire Icelandic population will be in Russia drunk and clapping on their team. They are the most popular bandwagon team for good reason – they’re underdogs, they have a good time, and rooting for a tiny country with roughly the same population of El Paso feels a lot better than rooting for some Super Power right? Go Vikings!

4. Harry Kane. England has *gasp* a pretty good group draw with only Belgium to really contend with, Tunisia and Panama should be easy wins. This is swashbuckling striker Harry Kane’s chance to become an international star if he can knock in some goals.

5. The Red Devils. Speaking of Belgium, the Red Devils are Lil’ Dogg’s pick to get all the way to the Final. For a tiny country 99% of Americans could not locate on a map, they have an absolutely stacked squad, especially on the attacking end. Fingers crossed Manager Roberto Martinez doesn’t muck it up like he did Everton and the boys from the Low Country just might win the whole damn thing.

6-13. Stop your bitching about how “Soccer Sucks” and enjoy a World Class Sporting Event cuz there really ain’t nothin’ else goin’ on right now anyways.

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