HS Pitcher Praised for Phony Sportsmanship

I’m sure you’ve seen this video, and the seemingly mandatory accompanying praise:


First, a note for pitcher, Ty Koehn: Your reaction after sealing up victory is to go hug the kid you strike out, rather than celebrate with your team? Great teammate. There is a time and place for everything. Not to mention the hug- and subsequent awkward slow dance- lasts WAAAAAAAY too long.

Also, a note for Jack Kocon, the hitter. How are you gonna let him get away with this. I’d 100% be in a “GTFO of here” mood at that moment. You don’t need his pity. Kick some dirt, and go be with your team.

Lemme guess….You think I’m outta line? You thinking “Lighten up, Le Cap. He was worried about his friend just having blown the game, and wanted to show his empathy”.

Well, let me tell you something, friend. It was the last out of a Three-hit 4-0 shutout, with no men on. This wasn’t a heart-breaking moment, not at all. It was a foregone conclusion. Pull your bud aside after the handshake line, give him a quick tap…nothing more required. He didn’t blow the game, and he doesn’t need your pity.

So, why did he do this? Well, for the Twitter Round of Applause…that’s why. The chorus of attaboys and “This is everything” ‘s, that come with such obviously exaggerated and grandiose displays of unspectacular human instincts. It’s the modern day equivalent of sending out a press release to announce you’re against puppy torture and expecting praise…and the worst part is, it works every time.

It’s the most valuable form of alternative currency out there today- S/O “Potcoin”- and this dude is cashing in on using his buddy as a prop (maybe).




*side note- can we please retire “I’m not crying. You’re crying.” It’s soooo played.

To add another layer, as I sat down to write this, I typed “I’m sure this kid is going to end up on Good Morning America”…and just before I was set to publish…sure enough, I saw this, thanks to a timely K&C retweet:


I’m not sure if the kid agreed to do GMA, but I personally guarantee he will. Nobody turns down undeserved praise and exposure…it’s what separates us from the animals.

The more I think about this whole situation, the more fishy it is. The game was not in doubt. The pitcher absolutely knew the moment would be captured. The embrace was so long and overplayed.

All I am saying is, don’t be surprised when you find out this whole thing was planned, and the batter was in on it. And remember where you heard it.

So please, twitter/ world, stop perpetuating this BS move. And for godsakes, do not show it to your kids. Sportsmanship is something we should strive for. “Look at me” acts of phony sportsmanship…we should do away with.

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