Weekend Winner

There were A LOT of winners this past weekend –

The Golden State Warriors and the Washington Capitals earned Rings and Cups in the respective professional sports.

Dustin Johnson did this to win the St. Jude’s.

Charlie C. edged out Hi-Top’s own The Sleepy One to take O’Brien Cup in the MCI Invitational.

And least we forget to acknowledge Le Cap for his own personal victory in defeating Julie the stickler Golf Course Manager by successful drinking contraband beers on the course and not getting his whole party shut down cuz Julie will shut your whole party down.

But alas there can only be one Weekend Winner and one man alone owned the last few days of winning – Alex Ovechkin

Ovi with the non-keg stand:

Ovi & the Cup snuggle in bed:

Grilling like a Champ:

Attempting “American Baseball”:

First time winners are the best winners. The Warriors are casually celebrating with wine & cheese plates and gentleman handshakes while the Caps leave a trail of wreckage from Vegas to Georgetown and everywhere in between.

So congrats to Ovi and the Caps for getting over the hump and we all eagerly await for the absolute meltdown that happens when Putin shows up with the Cup on the White House steps.

Lord Stanley’s Cup is going to see some things this summer…..

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