Breaking News – Edelman SUSPENDED

Breaking News coming across the Hi-Top HQ Newsroom folks –


Edelman is an avowed disciple of the vaunted TB12 Method so this is not a good look all around for Patriots Nation.

Obviously Coach Belichick will have absolutely nothing to say and this will be a major news item for the next 4 months so YIPPEE to having to hear about this over and over all summer long.

Edelman was attempting to come back after missing the entire 2017 season. Looks like now we can add another 4 games to the wait to see Brady’s favorite target back on the field.

There will be an appeal of course which means this thing will drag out even longer and since this is the NFL we are talking about, rest assured that the whole affair will be nothing less than a complete shitshow.

Thanks Julian. Thanks a lot dude.

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