Review: 48 Hours- NCIS, and a very special Special Agent

I haven’t been posting much this week. Truth be told…I’ve been busy with family, working at the day job, amateur landscaping, running a multi-dollar media empire, and planning the biggest event of the year…the 9th Annual Mitch Cumstein Invitational, which is an exclusive golf tournament/ drinking outing, that takes place this weekend every year (except for the years that it was on a different weekend), at the beautiful Owl’s Nest Resort, in Thornton (or Campton, depending on what site you’re looking at), New Hampshire. (Taking reservations for 2019) ( And stay tuned on HTTA for coverage)

Last night, however, I was able to break away from it all and kick back for an hour of good old fashioned TV time.

The show of choice….

48 hours


The story was a pretty good one, by the standards of these types of shows. There wasn’t much “whodunnit” mystery, as the main suspect was revealed early on, but it turned out to be a weird story involving a kidnapping, some BDSM, a Master-Slave 3-some, a dungeon…all the markings of some solid Tuesday night programming- now that Roseanne is off TV, that is.

The story, however, wasn’t the best part of this show. That honor belongs to this fellow:

NCIS Special Agent, Jeff Kierman




Kierman, an NCIS sleuth (and avid HTTA fan), was working with the SD Police Department as a dedicated resource to help solve just these types of crimes…and apparently to be a damn good representative of the collective team should the need for a TV appearance arise.

Special Agent Kierman did not disappoint.

If you’re familiar with these types of shows at all, you know, that the investigators’ explanation of the case, while important, is secondary to their performance and delivery. And it’s not just while they are speaking about the case, either…it’s in the tone-setting “cutaways”. This is where our hero, shined.

Early on in this episode, they cut to Kierman, hard at work at his desk:



I mean, that is some solid stuff right there. This guy can’t be bothered by an interviewer…he’s got some typing to do. And look at the concentration in the last frame. I almost believe he isn’t just on there searching the latest HTTA Post.

Now, in a real high point, he’s bringing it all together, with some flare, giving a nod to Col Jessup’s “Sub-standard Marine”:



A guy, who looks like he’s central casting Marine, investigating a Marine, in the disappearance of a Marine wife…it was a no-brainer. Nice one, Special Agent.


Now, as you think the story is getting slow…a twist:



Special Agent, spittin’ some knowledge. Damn. Not only was that informational…but well delivered. Huge props for that line.


This one is a personal favorite of mine. I don’t know why they recorded it, or especially, why they used it no fewer than 3 times during the special. The, Special Agent, walking down the street, on an uncharacteristically cool and rainy San Diego day.



Is this an artistic stroke of brilliance…the rain representing the doom and dread this case brought to a usually cheery Special Agent Kierman? Hmmm????

Or was this…hey, we need to shoot some filler. It sucks that it’s raining out, but we aren’t sending a crew back here again.

Perhaps, we’ll never know.


Now, if you missed this 48 Hours: NCIS, you should check for it on demand. It’s a wild case…like really effed up. And it’s my personal guarantee that you’ll love the professionalism, charm, and animal magnetism of Special Agent Jeff “Jeffty” Kierman.

His performance will leave you like:




Seriously, though, nice job. I give this show:


5 stars

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