Hi-Top Golf – Does the PGA Tour need a shot clock?

This weekend the Euro Tour will be testing out a golf shot clock:

The Lil’ Dogg is all for speeding up pace of play. Nothing worse than watching some jabroni back off the ball 30 times before shanking an iron into the trees.

The question is when exactly does the clock start? The article doesn’t specify. Is it when the club leaves the bag? When the player sets his feet at the ball? This really makes all the difference cuz 40 seconds is quick. That will go by faster than people realize.

This is a very interesting gambit by the Euro Tour. Golf is by its nature a deliberate sport. Time and patience are key to a good round. Players can get rattled easily and rushing to hit a shot before a clock expires at the fear of a one stroke penalty could really send a certain type of player into a tailspin (looking at you David Duval).

On the other hand this forces a player to immediately forget their last swing and get right to focusing on the task at hand. So it could actually have a positive effect on some folks.

Outside of basketball and football, I really do not like the idea of shot clocks in general.

My Lil’ Dogg Rule of Thumb is thus – If the sport has no overall “Game Clock” then it should NOT have any sort of “shot clock”.

So that’s a hard no for pitchers in baseball. Same for serves in tennis. Sports not dictated by time restraints should not have them forcefully imposed on them. The sport was created with rules that determine its time limit by aspects other than actual clocked time so don’t besmirch the spirit of the sport’s history by artificially adding a clock now.

There’s other ways to get players to play a little faster without adding a garish clock on a cart traveling up and the course.

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