Someone named Jake Owen finally did it. He created the Worst Song of All-Time.

******Trigger Warning – This Song really really really suuuuuuuuucks!!!!!!!***********

Here it is Hi-Top Nation. The Lil’ Dogg has accidentally stumbled upon the WORST SONG EVER CREATED.

Apparently this is a “hit” for some country jabroni named Jake Owen.

What is this abomination?????

It’s not a sample of Jack & Diane but it’s also not a cover either cuz the lyrics are different. It’s like a song about another song but using the main riff of the song your singing about but country-fying it in a really bad way. Oh man this is terrible.

There is A LOT about country music that the Lil’ Dogg just doesn’t “get” but the number one thing would have to be the abundance of songs about other songs. Seemingly every other hit country song is about listening to some other song. That’s just weird folks.

John Cougar Mellencamp gifted the world with some truly beautiful tunes. Hurts So Good is one of the all-time underrated rockers but Jack & Diane has now inspired TWO truly awful awful awful songs lest we forget that Jessica Simpson mess from the early 2000s:

Now Mellencamp this is something you are going to have to reckon with. Everyone deserves to cash in now and again but you’ve cashed in twice and allowed two travesties to happen. And that’s not cool man.

At least Simpson only sampled the original, which if memory serves, sampling 80s tunes was very in vogue at that moment so I suppose her sin can be forgiven or at least easily forgotten. She was a talentless hack cashing in on a craze.

The only thing worse than a bad idea is a badly executed bad idea.

These country boys present themselves as artists and all you can do is not only rip off an older, far superior song but also cannibalize it’s corpse and come out the other side with something that is unoriginal and also unlistenable.

We have honest-to-goodness professional musicians here not some Rebecca Black level amateurs releasing this song. This is a major label Star here folks (or so I’m told). Amateurs can be forgiven for stumbling and creating something terrible. But this dude. Oh no. You are done Jake Owen. Pack up your six string and take the next bus out of Nashville (did you know you can hear the greatest musicians in the world playing for loose change any night of the week in Nashville? Have you heard? Have you heard?) This train wreck is a career ender (which means he’s probably has a #1 hit with this hot mess)

And that is why Ol’ Jakey Boy here has created the WORST SONG OF ALL-TIME.


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