Breaking Down That Bizarro Cavs/Warriors Game 1

Cleveland v Golden State Game 1 was a lot more than anyone had thought it be. Instant Finals Classic for sure simply for the sheer number of bizarre things that took place. Let us count the ways:

JaVale is a treasure –

Draymond did Draymond things –

And he even played some basketball too –

Of course Curry had a Buzzer Beater –

And then there was the J.R. play to end all J.R. plays-

The prevailing theory seems to be that J.R. forgot the score or thought the Cavs were up 1. The Lil’ Dogg has watched the tape a few thousand times and would like to present an alternative theory – J.R. was about to go to the wrong basket.

First of all, helluva rebound by Smith. But the way he busts out to the wing feels like he was trying to start a fast break in the wrong direction. He looks totally confused when LeBron tells him to pass back to the corner. Who knows? J.R. probably doesn’t even know what he was thinking.

But facts is facts and the fact is that despite everyone saying that play “lost” the game, it didn’t. Laying an egg in OT lost the game.

Can Cleveland come back from such an epic loss? Probably not. That was their chance to steal a game on the road.

Warriors in 5. Book it.

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