This Week in Rory McIlroy Complains…

First Rory couldn’t handle fans yelling “Get in the Cup” and wanted to ban alcohol sales at PGA Tour events.

Now poor Rory says that grouping “star” players together is causing bad scores.

According to Rory guys like Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler are missing the cut to play on Saturday and Sunday because of the pressure of playing together on Wednesday and Thursday.


This is joke right??????

First of all, Golf is an individual sport.

That being said, if anything playing with the best should increase your own level of play and not the opposite. You should be challenged and inspired to be better.

What your looking at here Hi-Top Duffers is a player who just can’t handle pressure. McIlroy has had a tough couple of years and a recent Masters collapse has him even more shook. If it it was up to ol’ Rory golf would be played on an empty course, one player at a time with unlimited mulligans (wink wink).

It’s time to nut up or shut up McIlroy. No more complaining about things that have nothing to do with putting the little white ball in the cup.

Go out, play and win a damntournament.

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