Pats at OTA’s, and Guess Who was there???

The Patriots were back at it today, resuming OTA’s at Foxboro, and guess what New England?!?!?! Guess who was in attendance!!!!!!!

A certain lock for the Hall of Fame…

Easily one of the all time greats in the game…

A FIVE TIME World Champion, with multiple MVP’s…

A guy who despite his illustrious career, has caused New England fans some headaches, and has been in a passive agressive power struggle/ pissing match with possibly the greatest coach in the history of the sport…

That’s right people….


KOBE BRYANT made an appearance at OTA’s today.


So, this is where we’re at, Tom? KOBE shows up at practice before you?

Look, we know Bill is a dick. We get it. I mean having Kobe at practice was probably some sort of Machiavellian power move aimed directly at you.

But you’re not half of what you are without Bill, and without his system. Just suck it the hell up and get to work. We’ve all had enough of this BS.

You’re important, obviously, which is why the team traded away Jimmy G at your (and my) request. But ultimately you’re the hired help. And you’re not being there is just making you look like a whiny bitch. A guy we would ALL be ripping if you were from ANY OTHER CITY. If any fan tells you different, they’re either lying to you…or themselves.

Quarterbacks suck it up for their team. They don’t miss these practices. Even that loser Phil Rivers takes like a helicopter, or supped up limobus or some shit to practice 100 miles away everyday.

And where in the world is our QB? Dubai? Monaco? LA? Who the hell knows.


brady san diego


Tommy boy, there’s no bigger fan than me…but you need to get your ass to practice.

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