Hi-Top Golf – Get to Know Doc Redman

The Hi-Top – Get to Know series will be highlighting some lesser known PGA Tour players that we think the casual weekend duffer should be aware of. Let’s move beyond the Rorys and Tigers and get to know some real Golf lifers.

Whoops thats the Funk Doc, Redman…here’s the golfer Doc Redman…

Who: Doc Redman

Why: The 2017 Amateur Champ just decided to turn Pro.

Fast Facts

Age: 20

Swing: Right

College: Clemson

Career Tour Wins: 0

The Clemson Sophomore has decided to forgo his final two years of College eligibility and turn Pro immediately.

Why Doc Redman is a Hi-Top Guy

Well honestly it’s the name. By all cursory Googling accounts Doc is his honest-to-goodness first name which truth be told is actually less cooler than having Doc as a nickname but either way you get unlimited cool points when you’re not a real life Doctor but people still call you Doc.

And then there’s the original Redman…

So now we have an OG rapper named Redman, the Funk Doc, and a golfer named Doc Redman and well that’s just hilariously entertaining.

Doc the Golfer earned a spot in this week’s Memorial as an amateur but it will now become his first tournament as a full fledged Pro. The question is how high…

will Doc place?

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