An attempt to explain the absolutely nuts Bryan Colangelo twitter story

The online NBA world went absolutely batshit crazy last night while you were sleeping. According to a Ringer story, Philadelphia 76ers Team President Bryan Colangelo had been using FIVE burner twitter accounts to among other things – bash his own players, leak team info, fight with Sixers beat reporters and defend his own personal fashion choices.

The story is even crazier than when Kevin Durant took on Twitter trolls via burner accounts mainly because Colangelo is being accused of undermining his own team in order to defend himself.

From The Ringer:

Predictably as the story broke last night, the collective minds around the NBA exploded:

And of course Joel Embiid joined in:

For the uninitiated Colangelo is an NBA lifer, basically part of basketball royalty. His father Jerry is the former owner of the Suns. The Colangelos have been in deep with everyone from USA Basketball to NBA commissioners for years and years. Bryan himself is a two time NBA Executive of the Year.

The Ringer story presents a pretty damning portrayal of Colangelo’s actions.

Is it True tho?

Who’s to know for sure but the detail provided by the Ringer makes things look pretty pretty bad for Colangelo. He admitted to running at least one of the accounts and at the very least the other accounts were connected to Colangelo in a way that they knew some very inside info. An assistant perhaps? A family member? We’ve certainly seen all these scenarios played out recently.

Why an NBA Team President would spend their energy running FIVE FAKE TWITTER ACCOUNTS is beyond this pup. The Lil’ Dogg has enough trouble trying to make a few blog posts a day and share @hitopathletics with Le Cap let alone running bogus accounts on the side.

The Sixers appear to be standing by Colangelo for now and the fans, well nobody ever called Philly fans an intelligent bunch:

We shall see how all this plays out as we approach the draft but one thing is for sure, the NBA does NOT know how to take a day off.

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