NBA Rewind – Finals are Here (We’ve seen this movie before…)

Hi-Top Nation the dust has settled on the Conference Finals and the Lil’ Dogg has finally uncurled from the fetal position.

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers (again)

Both Game 7’s were won by the lower seeded road team, this pup hasn’t fully combed through the historic NBA annals but it’s probably a safe bet that has never happened before.

And the reason was……3 point shooting.

The Rockets and Celtics shot a combined 14-83 from behind the arc.

That’s not good folks.

Our beloved Celtics starting backcourt was 3-22 with Scary Terry posting a nightmarish 0-10 by himself.

The only C to show up offensively was Jayson Tatum. Big Al did his damndest but if you’re relying on Horford to be your second leading scorer you’re already screwed. Big Al does many many many things very very very well but being an offensive focal point is not one of them.

Alas we will always have THE DUNK:

Finals Preview


Seriously tho this is going to be a blood bath. The Warriors in a sweep. This is going to be ugly.

Coming Soon….

Look out for our Hi-Top Draft Preview focusing on the Celtics potential targets as well as other off season biz-ness.

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