Prediction: C’s Win, Lebron Thrilled

My developed theory on tonight’s game 7:

Lebron absolutely goes off…40 plus. Trip-dub. The whole shebang.

The Celtics will win the game.

This is actually what Lebron wants.

The Lebron going off part is a lock to me. The old “Lebron isn’t clutch” trope is something Eddie Andelman is screaming into an unplugged microphone somewhere in Lynnfield.

LBJ is proven, and battle-tested on the big stage. Sure he embellishes an injury or a call here or there, but who among us didn’t shake off an imaginary injury when you knew the cutie you were sweet on was watching? Amirite. The NBA playoffs is basically like that…except all the cuties be watching. So I give him a bit of a pass on that. The dude balls when the lights are bright.

So, we know he’s going off. But I still think the Celtics manage to pull this one off. Their defense has been much better at home. Many of their key players- chief among them Al and TRIII- have performed much better at home as well. I think Tatum and Brown are ready to move fully into the spotlight and tonight is the biggest spotlight on the C’s in years. And yeah, I know the “Cavs have actually been better without Love on the floor, statistically speaking”, but c’mon. For the holes in Love’s game, he is a stud. A stud being replaced by Jeff Green. His loss hurts.

If the Celtics do manage to close this one out, why do I think Lebron will be happy? Because I think he is D-O-N-E in Cleveland. They have a Dan Snyder-esque owner, nowhere near enough talent around him, and cap problems up the ass preventing them from fixing it. A loss, to an overmatched opponent, in a series where he carried them, is exactly the cover he needs to get out of dodge. He’ll take some heat, but his substantial media machine will have the scripts passed out by 6 AM tomorrow and the narrative will be long set in stone by the time he takes his talent elsewhere.

So BOOK IT. TRUST THE SHAMROCK. Bury the Lebron prop bets, but lay the points. Celtics win, and there’s no other reason why.

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