We ❤️ These Celtics

It’s didn’t end they way we wanted but they never should have been here in the first place.

These Celtics had one hell of a year.

We all know how it started.

Our hopes were dashed minutes into the start of the season. But this team NEVER QUIT.

Not once all season long did these Celtics ever give less than all they had. In the end their inexperience finally finally finally caught up with them. But if anyone said they would be playing in a Game 7 to get into the NBA Finals after Gordo went down and then Kyrie went down…it’s truly amazing this team had the heart to battle this far.

This has been without a doubt my personal favorite Boston Celtics team EVER. Player 1-12 every guy on this team is someone you could root for. Not one bad guy, not even close. This is raw, real time stuff from the Lil’ Dogg and Hi-Top will present a more nuanced look back on the season and where the team can go from here as we head towards the draft but right now, right here my heart bleeds green for these guys and everything they went through to entertain us for these past 8 months.

Thank you.


PS – let’s just leave this right here


One comment

  1. Just saying… the Dogg was pretty spot on with this pre-Play-offs post:

    Celtics Playoff Hopes Update – 🤷🏻‍♂️ but with a twist of 🤔 (updated with new info)

    Credit where its due, the Dogg wasMaybe only guy in the Boston Sorts “Media” who wasn’t all sky is falling


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