Roast Beef Review: Mikey’s Famous #TwoBites

Full disclosure…I’ve been slacking on the reviews. LAZY on my part. And while I was hibernating, some City Slicker from NYC tried to slip one past us.

So, it would seem as though I need to re-establish my, and HTTA’s, superiority on the Roast Beef Review circuit. I’ve got a couple “in the can” so to speak, and will be running them over the coming days/weeks.

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Today, I’ll be reviewing: Mikey’s Famous Roast Beef, Billerica

The Roast Beef sandwich is easily one of the 5 best things about living in the North Shore/North of Boston area.

Around here, everyone has their favorite place for Roast Beef, and they’ll swear by it. But to help all the Hi-Toppers who may want to open their minds- or cards on the table, just to try to start arguments- I’m going to be reviewing some of the hot spots for Roast Beef sandwiches in the area.

Here at Hi-Top Athletics, we like to use the official HTTA 13 point scale (patent pending). But with food reviews, I just feel that isn’t enough. I want to give the best possible review to the #regularguys and #regulargals out there, so for simplification purposes, I use a 130 point scale for all food reviews.

As always, the order is Super, Onion Roll (the only proper roll), Am Cheese and Mayo. I don’t do 3-way for a review, because the disparity in BBQ Sauce can really slant the review. I want the Beef to stand for itself.

Now, let’s get to it.

Two Bites, Everybody is Aware of the Stipulations


Look: It’s a fairly good-looking sandwich. The beef to roll ratio is pretty solid, giving you a little bit of the overstuffed look you want when you go Super Beef. I could stand for it to be a bit sloppier, but this isn’t too shabby.

Now, their buns…we’re not exactly talking J-Lo or Beyonce caliber, here. Ultimately, the roll is about a lot more than appearance, and we’ll get to that later, but in this case it didn’t really help in the looks category.

Roll: If you’re not getting an onion roll on your beef, you have zero credibility on the Roast Beef Review circuit. It’s a must. The taste and sweetness of the onion roll is a perfect compliment to the Roast Beef. #factsisfacts, and the fact is, a Roast Beef sandwich is flat out better on an Onion Roll.

Mikey’s onion roll is nicely grilled inside, while remaining soft to eat. Not the tastiest roll I’ve had, but very good. My issue with it, beyond the so-so looks, is that as you near the end of the sandwich, the bottom half just isn’t holding up. Not sure if they slice them in store, or if they’re pre-sliced, but someone should look into the way it’s done. To be fair, I’ve eaten here a bunch, and don’t necessarily remember this being the case, but fair is fair…I can only review what I had most recently.

Beef: This is the most important part, obviously, and is the best part of Mikey’s sandwich. This was a good medium rare, and nicely sliced. It was some flavorful beef.

I’ll say that this wasn’t the juiciest, or most freshly cooked beef I’ve had. I mean, it was clearly cooked today, but I suspect where Mikey’s just doesn’t do the volume of a Harrison’s, say, they don’t have as many fresh roasts coming out of the oven and hitting the slicer right away. It wasn’t dry or anything- this isn’t Kelly’s (spoiler alert)- but it loses a few points for it.

Overall: This roast beef sandwich is strong to quite strong. Very good, quality roast beef, nice mayo and cheese ratio, and the roll was fresh and nicely grilled.

I definitely put it a tier below some of the more “well-known” places, but if you’re in the area and have a hankering for a classic style, North of Boston Roast Beef Sandwich, this is absolutely a passable option.


I give Mikey’s, a 103 out of 130. It’s a solid C+/B- Roast Beef.

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