Boston Celtics 2018 NBA Champs…Yes this CAN Happen

The Houston Rockets beat the GS Warriors to take a 3-2 Series lead and the final score was 98-94. The Warriors as a team shot 44.4% for the game and 38.5% from 3. The Rockets were even worse – 37.2% and 30.2% respectively – and THEY WON.

Here’s where the Lil’ Dogg reminds the world how the Boston Celtics have the #1 DEFENSE IN THE WHOLE DAMN NBA.

Now obviously there’s a little hurdle in front of the Celtics that they need to clear first and that’s not only closing out the Cleveland Cavs but hopefully doing it on the road in Game 6.

But the basketball world has already decided that whoever wins the Western Conference will without a doubt win the NBA Finals, no matter who comes out of the East.

Let’s look at the Houston Rockets first, shall we.

The Rockets and Celtics spilt their 2017-18 Series 1 win a piece. Boston won in dramatic fashion back in December, coming back from a 26 point hole to pull out a win in the final seconds thanks in part to a James Harden meltdown in the face of the genius Marcus Smart. Then on the road in March the Celtics lost by 3 in a hard fought battle that went right to the end.

Going back even past just this year, the Coach Stevens led Celtics are an even split with the Rockets over the last 3 years, 3 wins a piece.

Obviously a lot is different with both of these teams over not only just this season but the past few seasons but there’s still no indication that the Celtics would not have a chance of beating the Rockets. To say otherwise is just foolish.

Not surprisingly (at least for those of us actually paying attention) almost the exact same can be said for the Celtics vs the Warriors. The series is split evenly over again not only just this year but the past 3 years. And only one of the Celtic losses could be considered “lopsided” and the their 2 losses were by 4 points and 5 points (in a 2 OT battle).

The Celtics play both these teams TOUGH.

NBA Finals are high intensity affairs. Shooting form comes and goes (just ask James Harden) but solid defensive principles are there game in and game out.

And in case you forgot, defense is what Boston does best.

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