Remembering Amazing Grace and Chuck…just you know because…..

For some reason the 1987 movie Amazing Grace and Chuck has been on my mind lately.

For the uninitiated, Chuck was a Little Leaguer who decided he wasn’t going to play baseball anymore as a protest against nuclear weapons. An NBA star named “Amazing” Grace Smith (played by actual NBA Star Alex English) catches wind of what Chuck is doing and decides to join him. This inspires pro athletes from other sports to join in as well.

Do these athletes magically solve the nuclear weapons crisis? No. But that wasn’t really the point. Because a protest in and of itself isn’t meant to be a singular agent of change. A protest is meant to be a catalyst. To spark more protests that lead to bigger actions that hopefully then lead to effective change. When an act of protest is misconstrued or misrepresented or God forbid used as a way to justify the very thing that is in fact being protested, well that is when the basic idea of American Freedom is being attacked.

But that couldn’t happen in real life could it? This was just a movie.

But Amazing Grace and Chuck did have an interesting idea. I wonder who could use a good, interesting idea these days….

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