He’s No Rookie

Jayson Tatum is 20 years old.

The boy MAN had himself a night:

The Boston Celtics took Game 5 at home in unconvincing convincing fashion. The game was never really close but also the whole thing felt like it was about to collapse at any moment. Thankfully the Cavs and LeBron were just never able to string together a real run to make things truly interesting.

The Celtics did not shoot well. But most of the Cavs were legit atrocious. Only LeBron and Love managed to reach double figures in scoring (and Love only just barely).

It’s on to Game 6 in Cleveland. The Celtics will need all hands on deck (paiging Scary Terry…has anyone seen Scary Terry lately) to close things out on the road where they have been….shall we say…not good.

But the old King is dead tired and we got the new King:

Bow down.

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