Say it Ain’t So Dave…Behind Us AGAIN?!?!?

I think the Celtics will be winners in Game 5, and tonight



Tonight, we tweeted out a vid, @’ing one of our buds, showing our support of the C’s…laying out BALLS ON THE TABLE that the C’s will win. Because there’s no other reason why! The Celtics are the balls!!!!


Then, FOUR MINUTES later, in a course of events that has become ALL TOO COMMON lately, Mr. New York, Mr. Davey P., Mr. El Pres, Mr. Dr. Robert Leonard himself….tweeted his support for the C’s. And if you’ve been following us for the last week or so, it’ll be no surprise what he tweeted out:



Ok, c’mon people. #factsisfacts . It’s THE SAME VIDEO. It’s clear now. This is the third time this week

Either the Big Corporate Guy is outright stealing from us…or, he’s just slow on the draw.

That’s my bet, he’s a little slow.

I’m a fan of Dave. Always have been. And when I’m a fan I never want to admit my guy is juicing…or has sandpaper in his glove. I’d rather admit he just can’t catch up to the fastball any more. That’s what I’m going with.

The Old Guy just can’t hack it. Well, he’s got his residual clicks, and his house on Nantucket to move on to, so good for him. We’re just building #shinglebyshingle to get there. If the last week has shown me anything…it’s that we are on the right track.


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