Hi-Top Golf – What your Golf Polo says about your Golf Game

If the clothes make the man then it stands by reason that the Golf Polo makes your Golf Game. What you choose to rock on top can be a tell tale sign of what kind of duffer you truly are.

The Wannabe

If you’re hitting up the local muni in a Red Nike Golf polo, sorry to break it to ya but you’re That Guy. Nobody wants to be That Guy. Hi-Top Nation, listen to the Lil’ Dogg, don’t be That Guy.

Other signs you may be That Guy –

You insist on hitting from the Blues when you can barely handle the Whites

You start sentences with “But my Adjusted Gross Score is…”

That Guy in the Tiger Red thinks his swing is thisclose to being Tour ready. If he had the time there’s no doubt he could be a Pro. Except that he averages 4 putts a hole and his short game is shakier than Michael J. Fox. But man o man can he rip ’em from the tee. Sometimes.

Big Money, Little Game

Did you spend a cool $150 on the latest G/Fore? You look like Spieth but swing like Barkley. Maybe next time splash that cash on the extra large jumbo bucket at the range.

Mister Tee

Sure Golf can be too stuffy, too traditional, too stick-up-your-butt at times but deep down it’s all about class. So have some out on the course. You can buck tradition and be edgy without losing class. Don’t be the guy in a T-shirt. The guy in the T-shirt doesn’t replace his divots. He parks his cart on green. In short he has no respect for the course. Respect the course. Respect the game.

The Brand Whore

So you dropped a whole month’s paycheck on your Callaway Clubs. Good for you. You’re investing in your game with top notch equipment. That doesn’t mean you need to also rock a Callaway hat. And polo. And glove. And spikes. And shades. Mix it up. They ain’t sponsoring your 10th place finishing Sunday Men’s League ass so why give them all your dough??? Words to live by – Try to play like a Pro but don’t try to look like one.

90s Guy

Your score is in the 90s but sadly so is your shirt. Comfort is king. Fit is not. You like your polo big and baggy, free flowing like your putting form. You may not play well but at least you don’t look good either.

The Gun Show

One size too small is the perfect fit for you. You put in the work in the gym (well at least at the dumbbell rack) so why not show it off on the course. Unfortunately those extra muscles aren’t adding any extra yards cuz your swing is junk. Ease back on the throttle big fella. Sometimes less is more right.

So Hi-Top Duffers next time before you head out to the links take a nice long look in the mirror. Dress like the player you want to be…as long as it isn’t That Guy.

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