Golf Now?! If You need More Ideas, Just Ask

El Dave-O is at it again…working our side of the street (accidentally, I’m sure).

As all Hi-Toppers know, we put a lot of time into blogging about golf, and we’re not afraid to say we’re the best in the biz at it. The bottom line is that we saw an untapped market for unique and qualify golf content, and we have been dedicated to putting it out there.

We put out the absolute Heavyweight Champion of Masters Preview content on the interwebs

And Lil’ Dogg just launched a new series, featuring some of the lesser know pros that is already grabbing eyeballs.


We have a stated goal of “bringing more of you to golf, and more golf to you”. 

We are the branded Golf Guys on the Blog Block.


Well, guess who – all of a sudden – is all in on golf???

El pres shinnecock


This guy cooked up some scenario where he claimed he could win, or break par, or shoot 66 (the wild claims were pretty varied and completely unclear) at Shinnecock –  which I’m sure someone had to explain to him was the site of the upcoming US Open – with unlimited Mulligans.

Davey…as a fan of your work…not your finest effort.

First off…I’m not sure it’s even an impressive feat. I guess, with the Tournament set-up, it’s a  challenge regardless…but I feel like going in the red with unlimited tries at every shot, really isn’t anything special. Maybe for a lefty it’s more impressive?

Second…this is the same guy who was taking a steaming dump ALL OVER golf earlier this year. Ripping golf everywhere he could. He even wrote a “manifesto” with some ridiculous suggestions for improving golf.

He was the Anti-USGA advocate…and now he’s in bed with them, all buddy-buddy?

El Pres anti-golf

El Pres US OPen


Now look, this guy has been a pioneer in this type of space through the years. Clearly. No doubt. My man moves product.

But I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say he’s not bringing the heat anymore. He’s CC Sabathia, except he hasn’t learned how to throw a cutter yet. It’s SAD.

Is this what the fans can expect going forward? Are you just completely mailing it in? We should be ripping you off, bud…not the other way around.


As Lil’ Dogg would say #factsisfacts and we need to look no further than the poor efforts coming out of the NYC Corporate Office recently:

  • We do Roast Beef reviews…he (attempts to) do a Roast Beef review.
  • We get something going with golf…all of a sudden, Ty Webb over here, is blowing the @USGA.


Worst case…he’s the epitome of the Corporate Fat Cat coming after the REAL #regularguys

Or, if I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, he’s just not on the cutting edge anymore, and proving that HTTA knows what we’re doing.

Either way…HI TOP is on TOP.

El Davo still has the residual views coming in…but we’re coming for those. #onwardcaponward



  1. Le cap certainly was never above stealing a funny joke and line, then repeating it 25+ years ago, why is not okay for El Capitan to do the same? He is simply taking brilliant concepts and broadcasting them in his own voice to a bigger audience, no? That is like taking a more soft-spoken classmate’s joke and repeating it more loudly, right?


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