Game 4 – Celtics outscore Cavs (in 3 out of 4 Quarters) and Scott Foster is the Worst

NBA games really should be scored on a point system where the team that scores the most in each Quarter gets 1 point. Going by this new and far superior scoring system the Boston Celtics would have won Game Four 3 Quarters to 1.

The Celtics outscored the Cavs 84 to 77 from Quarters 2 through 4. Unfortunately they only scored 18 points in the First Quarter and the Cavs dropped 34 so they technically lost and the Eastern Conference Finals are now all square at 2 games a piece.

The stars of the game were of course the NBA referees because basketball is really all about them. LeBron who?

Just take one guess who was Ref #1 for Game 4 in Cleveland.

“Daddy Daddy Daddy look its my idol Scott Foster” – a young NBA Ref fan (in the mind of Scott Foster)

This is an actual thing Game 4 Asshole Ref Scott Foster did in a playoff game:

49,000 fouls were called in Game 4. Okay fine it was actually just 49 but COME ON!!!!!!


Was the officiating the reason the Celtics lost?


But still……

Now if the Celtics has been blown out by 30 again the Lil’ Dogg Panic Meter would be off the charts but that didn’t happen. They scraped and clawed and got the game within single digits and as mentioned previously technically won the game 3 Quarters to 1 so….

Look the Celtics absolutely CAN NOT come out flat again in Game 5. Game 5 is must win. It’s a Can’t Loose situation.

Now we just wait on the Referee assignments….

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