Weekend Winner

It’s been quite the few days here at Hi-Top HQ but rest assured we always come out on (Hi)Top.

For the uninitiated, Hi-Top has had our intellectual property stolen by some corporate bigwigs who think they can just push the little guy around.

Well they must not know Hi-Top Nation cuz we are #regularguys who won’t be bullied.

Roast Beef Reviews are our turf!!!!!!!!!

“#TwoBites Everyone is aware of the stipulations” is a 100% original phrase that Hi-Top invented. No one, certainly not some big time NYC media conglomerate, can move us off our roast beef block. We own that space.

And we have lawyers. A Townie Lawyer to be exact. And he has an office in Southie too (Southie not the South End – Big difference folks) so to put it frankly we are kind of a big deal. We can have meetings at L Street or the Warren Tavern and be welcomed with open arms at either place. Good luck pulling that off NYC Bros.

Honestly folks, this guy Dave comes from New York City of all places and thinks he can just waltz into the North Shore of Boston and drop a Roast Beef Review from Nick’s Roast Beef!!!!!



Jeez Louise Buddy! For chrissakes why don’t you just go to Mike’s Roast Beef!!!

I suppose it’s a minor miracle this NYC noob didn’t go straight to Kelly’s cuz he saw Goodwill Hunting one time.

Amateur hour folks!!!

Listen. Hi-Top is a classy organization. We don’t go looking for trouble. We mind our own beeswax and do what we do. But one of the things we do is Roast Beef Reviews so we have no choice but to defend our turf. If these Barstool Bigwigs in their fancy NYC offices want to battle with these Boston Badasses well the early returns are in and it looks like it’s going to be a blog blood bath in favor of the Boston Boys.

Those New York City chumps never stood a chance.

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