Code Red- Cease and Desist, Dave



I’m just going about my day and my cell phone starts blowing up- unlimited text, no big deal- with news about a Roast Beef Review.



Wait, did you say Roast Beef Review? Yeah, you’re god damn right I did.

Wonder where he got that idea???  #TwoBites Everybody is Aware of the Stipulations

Well, the Pizza Review game is clearly not bringing in the Pageviews it used to, so the Big Guy has to come after the little old Buccaneer Vessel for content now?

We’re just here building #shinglebyshingle and trying to step up the blogging game. You’d think we’re the type of “people” this guy would have you believe he’s the “man of”…we’re bootstrap guys, working our asses off, trying to put out some great and original content. And now we have to worry about the NYC Crew poaching our bits?



The worst part is, it was a dog shit Roast Beef review. You “don’t like onion rolls”…what the fuck kind of credibility do you have in rating Roast Beef if you don’t like an onion roll….SAD.

And harassing a UPS Driver to boot?

I give the review a 3.25 AT BEST.

Look, bro, take your skinny bod, your Dr Robert Leonard quaff, your “company”, your “team of people” and your “investors”, and get back on your side of the street. Stick to pizza…you got a good thing going. Stay the hell away from Roast Beef. You’ll just end up embarrassing yourself.

I understand, you feel guilty, and you’re desperate to pretend you’re still connected to the North Shore? How about reviewing fried clams? Or shitty beaches? Just seriously, drop the shit with the Roast Beef.


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